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NJIT food services is provided by Gourmet Dining. They are the premier food service company serving New Jersey and their mission is to provide an exemplary and unique dining experience for each client built on strong professional and personal relationships.  Serving to a vastly diverse client base, Gourmet Dining is very sensitive to the specific tastes, dietary & religious needs of its clientele.


Our Information Services & Technology Division can provide a wide range of services to support for your event needs. As one of the most digitally-enabled campuses in the country, NJIT has long been recognized as a pioneer in the use of information technologies.


Public Safety officers can be acquired for your event, for events with an attendance over 200 public safety staff may be required.  The Department of Public Safety, conveniently located at 154 Summit St. on the first level of the Parking Deck, provides police protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 65 member department includes a Director of Public Safety, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Police Officers, Public Safety Officers and an administrative support staff. 


Parking for guests is available in our "Parking Deck" parking lot. Arrangements for parking is coordinated by our Conference Coordinator and the event organizer. Our Conference Coordinator will reserve your parking and send you instructions and details about your parking location.


NJIT has wireless networking throughout the campus, our Conference Coordinator, will provide you with the guest credentials needed to access the network. Prior to using the NJIT network, please read “The Information Services and Technology” Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources, visit their website.